Frequent questions

Is Vevi Clinic the ideal program for my dental clinic?

Obviously we can not answer you in another way, but we sincerely believe that it is. Vevi Clinic is a comprehensive program for the management of your dental clinic. By its very nature, it may include features you do not need. Do not worry. You can use only those features that you do need or that your current management software does not provide. As you use it, you will see how simple it is and the advantage of having all your management integrated in a single product. And if instead you notice that Vevi Clinic lacks functionality that is important to you, do not hesitate: get in touch with us.

It seems a very powerful software, is it difficult to use?

Unlike most management programs, Vevi Clinic has a modern, intuitive and simple interface. After a few minutes you will feel comfortable with practically the entire program. As is logical, some of its more advanced features that can involve learning in greater detail. However, Vevi Clinic allows you to start using them gradually, by automatically performing most tasks, so you can use them from the start, and after a few days you will master them perfectly.

Still not convinced?

You just have to try it, we offer you 30 days of trial, completely free and without commitment. You will see how the productivity of your dental clinic will improve significantly in a very short time.

What if I need help or have a problem?

The platform has a complete user manual with which you will solve all the doubts that may arise, a quick guide smaller and more agile, and if you have any problem, you can contact us at any time completely free of charge. We offer a comprehensive support service, which includes telephone service during office hours, as well as a consultation system that you can access directly from the platform. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and you will see how our technicians solve your problem at the moment.

I am currently using another program. Can I move my data to Vevi Clinic?

We offer a data import service from your current management program for free, as long as it can be done automatically and within a reasonable time. You just have to get in touch with us. Our technicians will study your case and help you in the migration.

You have convinced me ... How can I register?

Our registration process is online, and very simple. Simply enter your data on the registration page. You will automatically have access to our platform, and you can try it for free during the first 30 days, without any commitment on your part. If you like the program and want to continue using the product, you have an option in the application to subscribe to the service. You will have to indicate a bank account in which to settle your fees, and send us by postal mail, within 15 days, the mandate or order of domination, document by which you accept that we make you domiciled charges.

How will I pay?

We offer two payment options: by direct debit or prepaid (via PayPal or credit/debit Card). If you choose to pay by direct debit, each month will be charged to the account that you have provided us with the quota corresponding to the immediately previous month. And if you prefer to pay through PayPal or Card, you choose when and how many months to pay, and you can use the platform without any additional charge during the contracted months, being able to request additional months at any time. In both cases, you can check all your invoices from the platform itself.

What if I want to unsubscribe?

We would like you not to do it, but if you really are not happy with us we will not put any hindrance on you. You can do it directly from the platform, at any time. You will only be billed for the days you have enjoyed. In addition, we will keep your data at no cost for the next 30 days in case you regret it and wish to continue using the product.

What is this about the cloud?

Cloud computing is a new model that allows to offer software solutions as a service. You will not have to install and maintain the product. Only with having an internet connection you can access it from any device. Our team of experts will take care of everything you need to make your data available at all times.

Is the cloud the ideal solution for my company?

Definitely. Your business is not computer science. Ours yes. We make daily backup copies of your data, we protect them from computer attacks and viruses, we install and maintain the necessary computer systems ... everything so that Vevi Clinic simply works and you can dedicate yourself quietly to your business.

Will I have to pay to enjoy product updates?

No. Your fee includes continuous product updates. In fact, we are continuously improving our platform, and without having to pay or install anything you can enjoy the new functionality at the moment.